Hi. I'm Amber! Let me tell you about me.

 I am a follower of Christ! My faith is by far the most important thing in my life that I strive to develop more and more each day.

I am married to the most incredible man I know, Corey! We are just finding our way through this crazy thing called married life.

We are both Arkansans, which means we love our fried food and sweet tea. I also love country music. I am not quite sure how C missed that train, but you win some and you lose some I suppose.

I am a huge sports fan, not to be confused with being athletic. I love my Saint Louis Cardinals, Florida Gators, Oklahoma City Thunder, and New York Jets! Also, I am not biased towards one territory if you cannot tell.

Though I may not be athletic, I do have a major love for crafting and scrapbooking and attempting to sew! I have a major button addiction that I try to incorporate into most of my crafts.

Just as I love sports and am not athletic, I love music and am not a musician or singer despite how much I dream about being on the big stage someday. Concerts and broadways are a serious love of mine that I can not get enough of!

I hope you stick around to find out about the stories of my life, the people I love, and the things I love to do!

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Hannah {Our Journey Blog} said...

Hi! :) I just found you through http://amberenns.blogspot.ca/ :)

I'm from Texas, and I love sweet tea and country music, too! ;) I'm slowly, but surely, convincing my husband that he likes country just as much as I do. Hah!

Love your little blog! Have a great day!


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