June Sponsor Highlight

Can we call a timeout for just a second? I mean, June ends TOMORROW. How is this possible? Yikes! The good news is that I have been blessed with some awesome sponsors and some amazing readers. Seriously, thank you to all of you! Thank you readers for joining me in this journey! Thank you sponsors for your support of The Pless Press! I am so appreciative of each and every one of you.
To let all of you readers have some new insight into these sweet sponsors I have asked them to share what their favorite thing about summer. Here is what they have to share!

Ah summer... my favorite thing is being able to read books just for the fun of it, and not feel like I should be spending my time reading an educational book that will help me during finals. BLECK. I do love all of the daylight too... another wonderful perk about this time of year!

Peaches anything. Peach Ice Cream, Peach Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream, Peach Turnovers with Vanilla Ice Cream (Maw Maw Pies in Texas have lucious Peach Turnovers!)... Of course I have to exercise twice as much but what the heck! Have a wonderful summer!

My favorite thing about summer is grilling and outdoor parties. We are actually having a picnic/swimming party for my littlest one turning 2 this year! I love that the warm weather affords the option of long, leisureley outdoor get-togethers!

My favorite thing about summer is getting to wear cute summer dresses and sandals!

My favorite part of summer is vacationing! Last summer, I went to Mexico with my parents and then to St. Maarten on my honeymoon. This summer, I get to visit a different part of Mexico with my parents AND my husband. I love going on new adventures and experiencing different cultures. Also, I'm obsessed with Mexican food & guacamole.

Thank you so much ladies for your sponsorship of The Pless Press this month! You are very much appreciated! If you are interested in sponsoring The Pless Press in any way, then please check out the Advertising page. I would love to have you! Have a great day everyone!

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