Christmas Traditions

I am not trying to skip over Thanksgiving. Don't you worry. I love a day dedicated to recounting your blessings and expressing your gratitude to those who have touched your life. I am just trying to prepare for the days ahead.

This will be C and I's first Christmas as a family! So exciting! We are starting to work on our Christmas traditions and what we would like to include in our 25 days of Christmas. We have a few:
-I have had this self made tradition going on for a while now. I watch a Christmas movie from the day after Thanksgiving until New Years. If you are wondering, yes there are that many Christmas movies and yes they are all amazing! Love them!
-We are going to get matching PJs to wear Christmas Eve. I am a little bit too excited about this mostly just because C refuses to match people. When we go on mission trips and all have matching shirts, C is the one who wears a different shirt the day we are supposed to wear them. The fact that he is willing to have matching PJs with me for Christmas Eve tells me that boy seriously loves me.
-We are going to write notes to each other... we have not decided if it will be every day or once a week... and put them in our stockings. Then Christmas day we get to read all of the notes we wrote.
-We are going to have a Christmas date where we go to dinner and see a new Christmas movie in theatres.

Here's the deal, we need some help! I want to hear all about your families traditions. We have a little snowman with a 25 day countdown to Christmas and we need some ideas to fill it. I know everyone loves their family's traditions so please share! I am excited to hear about them! Once we have a big list of our final traditions, I will most definitely be sharing them with you all! Maybe we can all give each other some new inspiration on how to spend this holiday truly giving back and dedicating time to our family rather than getting caught up in focusing on what we are receiving. 


Blaine and Shannon Finley said...

All the women in my family always get together between thanksgiving and christmas and make all our favorite holiday goodies... like fudge and peanut brittle and things. Most of the stuff we make we give as gifts but its just a fun time of spending time with all us ladies!! Blaine and I are working on our traditions as well and last year we started a tradition on christmas eve since our christmas day is so crazy that we spend christmas eve with a papa murphy's pizza and our favorite movie and we either exchange one small gift or we open our stockings that way we have a day just for the two of us!

Kitty said...

Cute! I dont have any good traditions really....except where alex and I aruge about the way I arrange my ornaments on the family tree. But I did want to say I just noticed your blog cute!!!

Ashley Gill said...

My family would put the Christmas cards and letters we received in a basket as we got them and then every night at dinner, everyone picked a card out of the basket and prayed for that family. For Christmas Eve, we would always go to our church's Christmas Eve service, read the Christmas story out of Matthew and Luke, and then watch It's a Wonderful Life before bed. I still haven't decided which traditions I want to keep for Andrew and I! I might steal a couple of your ideas. :) Last year we started the tradition of buying or making each other Christmas ornaments for a stocking stuffer. I am trying to decide on a traditional Christmas morning breakfast and put together a list of favorite Christmas movies to watch in December!

G Inspires said...

What a cute idea to write one another notes everyday and put them in stockings! I'm pretty sure my husband would not be into that nor would he wear matching PJs with me...of course unless he thought these were things I was really passionate about it! Like sometimes when we go places I'll try to dress us in like a stripes or polos! We do however get a certain amount of money each to spend on the other on just stocking stuffers. That is all we buy each other now that we are no longer a family of two! So our traditions these days are more for our son and making good memories for him. Like decorating the day after Thanksgiving, reading the book and putting out "The Elf on the Shelf", reading Christmas books leading up to Christmas and watching Christmas movies (my favorite are the ones on the Hallmark Channel...I get addicted to them every year!), Letting him set up his own nativity..which hasn't happened yet since last year he was way too little but he got a Veggie Tale Nativity Play Set for Christmas last year...can't wait until he sees that this year now that he is older! I do LOVE Ashley Gill's idea of praying for the Christmas card families and I believe we will be adopting that tradition this year! I hang all my Christmas cards for all to see so I'll be putting my own little twist on her tradition but Ashley thanks for sharing! I've also been contemplating an Advent Calendar...I didn't grow up with one but I've seen a lot of really cute ones and I think it would be a really fun tradition to do for my son. I think traditions are so important in a family and have always been an advocate for traditions! Can't wait to see what you've come up with....and sorry this was so long :D

Creating Sarah said...

How fun! I don't think I could get my husband to write a note every day. Maybe one day....but, that would be rough for him.

My family used to make a bunch of treats and put them into baskets. Then we would take the baskets and leave them at random houses, ring the doorbell, and run like crazy. It was always so much fun and I definitely want to pass that on to my kids.

Also, I started a tradition last year of doing the 12 days of Christmas for my husband, giving him a small gift with a note giving a reason why I love him. That was a lot of fun.

Good luck finding fun ideas! I am here from Sugar Bee Crafts and I am a new follower. I loved your stockings. I'll be posting there on Monday.

lesrenerob said...

I love the idea of wearing matching PJ's...too bad Bret would NEVER go for it!

Last year Bret and I decorated our own Christmas ornaments, and we're gonna do it again this year and every year!

My family reads a Christmas book every Christmas eve. A different one every year. Someone is picked at Christmas to be the next years book reader. It's really neat.

Keep us updated on the other traditions you find! I may steal some!

Brittany Elizabeth said...

Since we never spend Christmas at our home (we're always in Oklahoma) we have our own Christmas dinner before we leave. We make a nice meal, use the good dishes, dress up a little, and open our gifts to each other.

I also heard a great tradition from a lady at church. They go out to eat and then all go to Barnes and Noble together. They pick out one Christmas book each year to buy and read together. Now they have 21 Christmas books and their kids love reading them and the memories attached.

Holly Lefevre said...

This is great - we are usually alone on the holidays (just the 4 of us) so I always try to come up with new ideas that can become traditions. Featuring you on Tickled Pink later!

Holly Lefevre said...

I forgot to tell you about our tradition:


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