You're Invited

Invitations are done.
Well, the actual invitations anyways.

And the envelopes came in, though I am not too sure about the color.
But here they are! I really love the invitations!
There are a lot of different designs. Same for the programs.
Then I cut the corners of all of them.
Then started the actual putting them together.
Thank you Maria for helping!
And here is my living room covered in invitations as they are drying. You may notice they are all a little different with buttons in different places and I love it!
Here is a close up of one.
They turned out perfect! We still have the not so fun part of actually addressing envelopes but the actual invitation making is done!

Next up: programs and frames.


Amy Jo said...

Love the invites crafty girl!

Cara Linn said...

The quotation on the top was on my parents invitations and will most likely be on mine, too! :) Love it.

Mrs. Robinson said...

I am so impressed! I can't believe you made them ALL! Wow.

The close-up picture of the invitation? I totally have the scrapbook paper. :) It's one of my favorites. I used it to wrap around tin cans to use as storage. I knew I'd never get sick of looking at it. :) Anyway. Thought that was funny.



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